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Naples 1996

It is in this city where our roasting house was born and still grows.
Paskà srl is a company able to combine the flavour of the past with the planning for the future.
Thanks to our care for coffee, we can realize a top quality product.
Our philosophy, a compact company structure, the passion for our job, the support of innovative technologies, the competence, and a deep technical knowledge of raw materials combine to make
a coffee created by those who love coffee for coffee lovers.

Raw materials

The pleasure of good coffee is the heart of a contemporary project that makes use of a deep knowledge of the supply chains. The careful selection of the best raw materials and the ancient knowledge in the art of roasting give rise to extremely versatile quality products carefully made to be accessible.
We are proud of using only selected raw materials with certified origin and TRANSFORMING them without additives nor preservatives.

We regularly carry out checks on chemical and organoleptic qualities of our products in order to keep them in line with the set standards.


All our green coffee undergoes a monitored roasting from the beginning to the end of the process, in order to guarantee a stable drying of the coffee and a gradual increase in the temperature inside the bean.


We create our blends with coffee of different origins, both Arabica and Robusta: the taste of the blend is sweeter and more aromatic if it is mainly produced with Arabica, while it is full-bodied and with a stronger taste if made with Robusta.


To obtain a perfect, tasty and balanced espresso, it is essential that ground coffee is made with beans of the right size.


Once the grinding is completed, we immediately pack the product, so that the coffee aromas remain intact and unaltered until you drink it.

Experience and cutting-edge systems, the commitment to sustainability, the passionate work of the team characterized by a strong female participation have made Paskà, in a few years, a young and dynamic business model with deep roots.

Organic and Fairtrade

The origins of taste

Our Organic and Fairtrade Arabica is grown on the hills of Erapuca Mount, at an average altitude of 1000 - 1600 meters above sea level. This position gives a unique taste to the coffee, characterized by a marked acidity, a fragrant aroma and notes of caramel and honey. A coffee with a balanced body and a clean and persistent aftertaste. During the harvest, our Cooperative preserves the surrounding environment and its biodiversity: thanks to strict work procedures, the cultivation of coffee develops in perfect harmony with the environment.
Our Organic and Fairtrade Robusta coffee comes from family-run crops and plantations located in the western Ghats mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most biodiverse places in the world.
   Via Ferrante Imparato, 501; CAP 80146 Naples (IT)    +39 081 5592128

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